St James Church in North Rd, Brighton dates back to 1892 and was destroyed in a suspected arson attack in March 2015. The fire gutted the historical and beautiful church, destroying its roof and everything inside, including mosaics, stained glass windows, the altar, organ, and pews. The flames licked the belltower and smoke billowed across Melbourne.

The building was heritage listed as of state significance in 1984.

During the past five years the arduous task of rebuilding the church continues under the watchful eye of the Heritage Commission.




Alberto Sabato, Ursula Betka, Vin Underwood, Adriana Verdini






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An atmosphere of HOPE & EXCITEMENT!
One of Bayside Catholic Mission's parish in Gardenvale, St. James,  recently acquired the exterior crosses which will be installed this month. Not long now until we get to see a beautiful infrastructure rise from the ashes.  July 13th 2021 was marked as a historic and exciting day for the community of Saint James & Bayside Mission as parishioners, staff members, and clergy gathered for the blessing of the cross.  The Bayside Catholic Mission want to give a special thanks to SIDA Constructions Pty Ltd for overseeing this reconstruction process and for making this event possible for everyone within our faithful community. Check out the link below for yesterday's highlights.