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The Catholic Church has a mission driven moral and legal responsibility to create a nurturing environment where children and young people are respected, where their voices are heard and where they feel safe and are safe.

     The Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne (CAM) holds the care,safety and well-being of children and young people (under 18 years of age) as a fundamental responsibility of the church.  This commitment is drawn from and inherent to, the teaching mission of Jesus Christ, with love,justice and the dignity of a each human person at the heart of the Gospel. 

[Taken from Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy.]

Candle in Hands

Safeguarding Prayer

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The Safeguarding of children and young people is Everyone's responsibility. 

"At the heart of who we are is not all the buildings but the person of Jesus Christ, who enters into our lives and who we then share with others. "

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli. 


Our Volunteers

Volunteer Group
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       The Bayside Catholic Mission is very fortunate to have wonderful,  volunteers, who support, expand and act as representatives not only to our parishioners but to the wider community.  We thank them for their dedicated service and support given to us in order to meet our commitments with regards to the safety, well-being and dignity of all children, young people and vulnerable adults. 

" Christ has no body now

But yours 

No hands

No feet on Earth 

But yours".

(St Teresa of Avila)


    The Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne acknowledges that preventing abuse requires proactive approaches within parishes, to meet with these requirements all volunteers must have a current Working with Children Clearance and are required to have read and signed the Code of conduct declaration.


These are non negotiable requirements. 


In some instances a Police check may also be required, these circumstances may include but not limited to:

  • Communion to the sick

  • Children's liturgy Driving parishioners (ie. to or from Mass)

  • Finance committee members

  • God-Start.

Contact Us

    Our safeguarding team is here to assist you with any concerns, advice, or queries regarding your safeguarding journey.


Please feel free to contact:

Lynda Rawlins
Local Safeguarding Team  
Volunteer Engagement & Safeguarding Coordinator
Phone: 03 9593 1703
Address: 118 New Street, Brighton Victoria- 3186
Sacred Heart Parish, Nazareth Parish, St Joan of Arc, St Mary's, & St James
Phone: 03 9593 1703


Statement Of Commitment 

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