Dear friends,

With the easing of restrictions further from this Friday at 6pm, it is a further opportunity to review the process for the opening of our churches, and the requirements for us to be compliant with the regulations of the state government and the Archdiocese.

Thank you to those who have offered their observations and comments so far; we are very cognisant that the present time is challenging for a lot of people and can evoke a certain amount of emotion and strong opinions.

As we stated last week, we are conscious of always wishing to preserve Communion in the Church and encouraging unity not division. However unity must sometimes tolerate diversity in  these times, and we are conscious of some in our communities with some fear and hesitation about attending Mass at this time. 

In light of this, and of pastoral considerations, we feel it is now necessary to offer one Mass on a weekend which is for those who are fully vaccinated, and fulfil the government requirements. Keeping in mind that entry to this Mass will be limited to those who can present evidence of full vaccination, those under 16 years of age and those with medical certificates for exemption.

This Mass will be offered at 9am at Sacred Heart, Sandringham, as we re mindful of the residents of Mercy Fernhill who regularly attend this Mass, and their support people.


So, to reiterate:

All scheduled weekend Masses will recommence this weekend with an upper limit of 30 participants (with no need to furnish vaccination status), the 9am Mass at Sacred Heart will be for those who can provide evidence of vaccination (and the above legal exceptions) to an upper limit of 70 people. 

All usual Covid protocols will apply - checking in; masks indoors; sanitising and cleaning.


Bookings (for weekend Masses) will open on
Friday, from 10am - 12 noon by phone to the Bayside office (9593 1703),
and from 12 noon Friday until 12 noon Saturday via Try Booking


We will review these arrangements at the end of November, or when the government restrictions change. 

Thank you for your understanding and support in these challenging and changing times,

Fr David Cartwright