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Vinnies Christmas Hampers
A huge thank you to everyone who donated goods, money and time to help shop for and pack 630 beautiful Christmas hampers last Saturday! These will be distributed to those in need visited by the St Vincent de Paul Soup Van in Melbourne this week. An incredible effort from our amazing team! Heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped especially:


Joan King, Merie Feekman, Maree Clarke

Cathy Burman, Domi King, Lynne Chen, Vicki Curtain, CP Singh, Patricia Chaves, Jeanne Tysson, Frank Winkelman, Joe Brick 

Jonathan Clarke, Sam and Roos Feekman, Flynn and Emma Sichlau, Sunny and Stevie King, Lily and Finn McNamara  

Bill and Maria Khong and the amazing troops of Coreen Ave for help with packing including Dolly, Jan, Kate, Ely, Edie, Eleanor, Judy

Florence Dunn

Kathy and Adele from St Joan of Arc’s

Helena Graham, Yvan Frederic and all the children families and teachers at Stella Maris Primary School 

Liam Buckley and all the children at St Josephs Primary School

Suzie O’Connor and the children and families at Jack & Jill Kindergarten 

Kevin D’Souza and Helen Hurst at Bev Martin Textiles 

Kate Austen and the amazing team at Pinchapoo HQ for toiletries for 630 hampers

Kameron Adriana and Woolworths Hampton for 250 bags

Spiro and Woolworths Mentone 

Oliver Cooney, Tony Zarka and Hodges Beaumaris for bags

To everyone who hand wrote a Christmas card

To everyone who made a donation

If I have missed anyone and for all donations, thank you!

Everyone who helped pack on Saturday (pls see pics below!)

Ella Quirk for leading the team packing the Womens hampers

Everyone who helped load the vans on Sunday: Peter King, Joan King, Cathy Burman, Joe Brick and Luke McRedmond

The amazing Soup Van team led by Mary Gardiner for picking up and delivering the hampers, including Leigh, Sandra, Aldo and Paul

Peter King for delivering to the Sisters of the Three Hearts on Monday

Toa and Tracey at SVDP for help with finance and letters 

Darren McNamara for pick-ups, unloading, delivery to Ivy Grange and everything

The beautiful people of our Parish for their generous donations and help


These hampers bring so much joy each Christmas, this year more than ever.  With huge thanks once again and best wishes for a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy 2022! 


Michele McNamara