Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bayside Catholic Mission?

Bayside Catholic Mission is a working title for the area incorporating St Joan of Arc Brighton, St James Gardenvale, St Mary’s Hampton, Sacred Heart Sandringham and St Joseph's Black Rock, and Stella Maris Beaumaris. It is a new way of collaboration between faith communities and clergy working together to meet the spiritual and pastoral needs of the Catholics of the area.

What does 'in solidum' mean?

"In Solidum" is the term used for a team of priests who are resposible for looking after one or more parishes. Although the team all have the duties and functions of a Parish Priest, one of them (in this case Fr David Cartwright) is designated Moderator of the pastoral action of the parish. The Moderator is the juridical representative of the parish and is answerable to the diocesan bishop.

Why is this new model being introduced in the Bayside area?

Many changes have occurred in our parishes recently. Fr Martin at Brighton/Gardenvale
and Fr Frank at Sandringham are retiring after many generous years of service. Fr Tobin
at Ricketts Point, who retired several years ago, has generously looked after the parish for
eight months, but will now step down once more. Fr Michael at Hampton is moving to
Pascoe Vale to look after the parish after another priest moved from there.

In addition, the demographics of the area have changed and the demands on priestly
ministry are not as they once were. These bayside parishes were all established when
Mass-going Catholics were more numerous and we had a good number of priests.
These circumstances present us with an opportunity to evangelise in a different way and to
engage with all people in this area with a renewed sense of mission.

How will Mass times be affected?

At the moment with the COVID restrictions, we are not able to celebrate public liturgies with the people. When the restrictions begin to lift, we want to engage with the people in the communities to see what will be the most appropriate arrangements for you, and how we can reasonably celebrate Masses to enable the most people to attend. We are fully aware that not having as many priests in the area may necessitate some changes. We want to listen and work with you to make the best arrangements.

What affect will this new arrangement have on our schools?

Our parish schools will continue to educate our young people in faith with the support of the priests. When it is possible, the priests will visit the schools and provide pastoral care and support and the sacraments.

When will this take effect?

Fr David and Fr Dean take up their new appointment on 5th August 2020. There will be a period of a few months listening and consultation before any new initiatives are put in place.

How will this arrangement affect the resources of each parish?

Each community in the mission area has a proud history and very committed people. Each community's resources and people will be respected and used for the building up of that community in faith. Furthermore, a Finance Committee will oversee the good stewardship of resources.

How will this impact parish staff?

Each of the communities has very well respected and dedicated staff and volunteers. The priests will work with these people to further the mission of the Church and the building up of the Kingdom of God in our midst. The new Bayside Mission is very much a work of the Holy Spirit, and as such is led by the Spirit in prayer and trust. Priests and people will need to be committed to prayer, discernment and listening to be attentive to the working of the Holy Spirit and to trust where we are all being led in faith.

Where will the priests live ?

At the moment, Fr David will live at St Joan of Arc, Brighton, and Fr Dean will live at St Mary's, Hampton.

Will Mass be streamed online?

We will stream a Sunday Mass each week from a different church in the Mission area. This will be telecast at 11am each Sunday and can be viewed HERE

What about weekday Masses?

Fr David and Fr Dean will continue to celebrate weekday Masses in the churches, although we cannot have people present at this time. We will certainly be praying for all of you, and any specific intentions, as we offer Mass each day, waiting for the time that we can celebrate together. Weekday Mass can also be accessed on line at and on the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne YouTube channel.

How will we know what is going on?

We appreciate that these are unsettling times for our communities and our people. We will be doing our best to keep you informed about what is happening in the Mission communities with regular updates here on the website, facebook page, and regular emails.